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Are you Seeking Guidance for your Further Education, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Our Career Advisers can help you find the right career for you and help you in selecting the best possible course for you. They can conduct psychometric assessments for you and identify your personality traits, career affinity, strengths and weaknesses. They have knowledge of all the available courses and countries’ education system, cost of living, tuition fees etc. They can answer all the questions you might have related to overseas education and support you through-out the application and admission processes.

What will our Career Adviser Do?

Conduct Psychometric Assessment and Career counseling

They will talk to you and find our passion. They will also conduct a psychometric test and tell you about your personality traits, strength and a fulfilling career.

Give course details, Country's Information and Suggest Courses

They have access to all the course details, country information, eligibility criteria and admission process for each university. They will give this information to you.

Assist with University Application, Admission, paper work etc.

They will tell you the documents & Paperwork needed to process the application and upload it to the system for the University and Embassy to use.

Co-ordinate with the students and the application processing team

They are your connection with the university for admission and the embassy for visa processing. They will assist you on every step of the way.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Book an appointment and visit our career adviser. They will conduct a free Psychometric test and send you the entire profile. Based on the results and discussion he/she will give you some career guidance. They will also tell you the benefits & entire process to study abroad. 


Register for Service

Once you register for the services, we provide the entire overseas education consulting service for a fee. We will submit your application to the university, assist you with the paperwork and documents,  Once the admission is approved we will help with the Visa and Migration.  

Reach Your Goals

Once you are in your new country, the university will arrange your accommodation.  You can not only get a high quality education but an international exposure as well. After the course completion and internship, you can find your dream job in any country. Europe is the gateway to the world.

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